Orange Blossom Special

The Couples League held its annual Orange Blossom Special tournament on Sunday, April 28. This tournament format goes under several names, but it always includes a colored ball that rotates among team members throughout the round. On each hole 3 members of the team play a scramble while 1 member plays alone with the colored ball, an orange ball in our event. At the end of the event each team has 2 scores: a scramble score and an orange ball score. If the orange ball is lost during the round, that team is out of the orange ball competition.

The results of the tournament were as follows:


Mike & Linda Kornmann; Larry and Louise Henson 63.2 Larry & Lily Cramer; Steve & Lynn Ricker 63.3 Joe Haeckel & K. C. Campbell; Buddy & Kathy Antwine 64.5

Orange Ball

Bobby & Patti Futch; Franck & Maria Mannechez 76.5 Roy Rodriguez & Anita Koppluber; Randy & Liz Lawlis 76.7 Charlie Prokop & SueAnn Jacoby; Bob Haueter & Gill Davidson 77.2

For those curious about the decimals in the scores, our fearless leader Larry Henson has developed a “We don’t want no stinkin’ ties!” handicap system. As you can see, it works well.

As a final note, Larry Henson has also announced that this will be the last Orange Blossom Special. Next year it will be a Yellow Rose of Texas tournament because those orange balls are nearly impossible to see in the air and when they settle into the rough.

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