Hit It Again, Bubba!

Is anyone else irritated by that car rental commercial where Patrick Warburton says renting a car is like playing “your own version of best ball?” He goes on to say “you’re guaranteed a perfect drive,” so I’m sure he’s talking about a scramble instead of best ball.

As we all know from personal experience, you aren’t guaranteed a perfect drive in a scramble, but you sure aren’t guaranteed one in best ball.

The closest you can get to Warburton’s game is our one-man scramble. A little judicious consideration of the odds of hitting a better shot is required because you know there’s no guarantee that the do-over shot will be better than your first try. You have to play the do-over, good or bad.

Imagine they corrected the error and Warburton compared car rental to our one-man scramble, AKA Bubba golf, and you’ll get an idea of why the error is probably the best choice. It wouldn’t sound attractive to say “Pick any car on the lot if you want to change from your first choice, but be careful. You’re stuck with that second choice, even if it’s a lemon!”

Mike Dexter and Larry Cramer did a good job of knowing when to risk a lemon and when to settle at the June 8 Men’s Golf Association one-man scramble. Dexter won the first flight and Cramer won the second flight.

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