The “In the Leather” Chromosome

Thirty eight golfers turned out for the trip to Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course in Fredericksburg. As is common, the ladies putted everything out while the men called putts in the leather good.

This difference led to predictable joking between the men and women before the shotgun start. I hope the beard I’ve had for the last 43 years (that’s not an exaggeration) counts for something, but at the risk of calling my man card into question and being subjected to a DNA test, I have to agree with the ladies on this one. The years I putted best were the years I played regularly with a crowd that putted everything out. After all, the object of the game is to get the ball into the hole.

That’s the end of the editorial, and it’s back to Lady Bird. But before we go, if we’re playing “good in the leather” let me say I’m glad I had my putter fit to my height. It’s 1 inch longer than standard, so I get at least an extra inch of grace.

And if you’ll excuse a little more delay, here’s a picture of my first putter next to my current putter. Yes, that is an old, hickory-shafted Calamity Jane on top. I got it in a pawn shop with my first set of clubs. The grip is original, and it’s real leather.

My old Calamity Jane and my current putter.

The old putter is 34.5 inches long, my new one is 36.5. I’ve got 26.5 inches of “in the leather” with my new one. When I got my Calamity Jane way back there in the Dark Ages, if we played “in the leather” it meant within the length of the grip, which was really leather in my case. I had 14 inches of “in the leather” that way. I do not long for the good old days.

And we’re finally back to Lady Bird, much to everyone’s relief, I’m sure.

Lori Mayfield and Lynn Ricker putted everything out and won the ladies’ scramble with a net score of 68. Lily Cramer and SueAnn Jacoby took second with 70. Jacoby also won the closest to the pin prize.

The men played a 4-man shamble with the best 2 scores on each hole counting for the team score. Buddy Antwine, John Palmer, Larry Cramer, and Joe Kiefer won the front 9 with an impressive score of 16 under par and won the total 18 hole match with 22 under par. Walter Stroman, Larry Henson, Chip Aragones, and Randy Lawlis won the back 9 at 10 under par.

Stroman was low man in the first flight with a net score of 63. Cramer won the second flight with 65 and Mike Dobrsenski won the third flight with 64. Charlie Thomas, Peter Lovett, and Bob Bashaw won closest to the pin prizes. Lovett’s winning shot was a near ace on the 6th hole when his ball came to rest a mere 4 inches behind the cup.

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