Golf Bandera News #1

Golf is a game invented by the same people that think music comes out of a bagpipe.–Lee Trevino.

I’m trying this new way to get the news out: a letter with links you can follow to whatever may be of interest. Let me know how this works in the comments or when you see me. My plan is to send a newsletter like this about every 2 weeks or when events require.

Coming Events

A couples scramble is scheduled for Sunday, January 19 with a tee time of 12:30. This will be a regular couples scramble. Sign up in the Flying L pro shop. The full 2020 schedule of couples tournaments is here.

Recent Results

January 5 Couples Scramble

January 8 MGA 1-Man Scramble

Random Thoughts

Several of us were hanging out after a recent skins game and the conversation turned to halftime shows and the Aggie band. That lead me to recall my time in the band at Rice. I saw the Aggie band at field level whenever we played A&M. (This was back in the days of the old Southwest Conference.) Competing with efficient machines like the Aggie band is what drove us to create the MOB (Marching Owl Band) at Rice–we knew we’d never be able to match the Aggies’ level of precision, but we could be irreverent and maybe entertaining.

That conversation also reminded me of this post I wrote several years ago about golf and music. I stopped posting new material to when I inherited the Bandera Bulletin newspaper column from Jack Finger, but I’m thinking I may get back to it now that the column is gone. When I saw the date on this post it was hard to believe it was nearly 9 years ago when I wrote it. I don’t think I’m any better at golf now than I was then. I’m sure I’m no better at the bassoon. Concerto for Pitching Wedge and Bassoon.

And as a final note, for those of you who enjoy golf architecture and history, this site has a lot of entertaining golf lore and stories. Podcast #37 with Joel Murray (Bill Murray’s brother) is fun.

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