June 28 Couples Scramble Results

We had a great turnout of 18 couples for the scramble, despite the absence of our fearless leaders, Larry & Louise Henson. I saw the Henson-mobile returning yesterday, so everything should hum along smoothly once again.

I owe a big thanks to Ken Hunt, Carole Martin, and Don & Penny Bateman for their help, and kudos to Ricardo and the rest of the 19th hole crew for the excellent dinner and dessert after the scramble.

The next couples event will be the Yellow Rose of Texas (AKA Orange Blossom Special) tournament on July 12. Sign up as a 2-couple (4 person) team. This event is a tournament within a tournament and is always a lot of fun, so don’t miss it!

Congratulations to the winners:

The results are also posted here, along with the full record of this season’s results to date.

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