Golf Bandera Newsletter #12

San Saba Extravaganza

An exhausted, happy crowd returned from San Saba last week after 3 days filled with golf and the camaraderie that makes our group special. The only negative I’ve heard has come from those of us who missed it. We just wish we could have been there. We’re envious of the 13 ladies and 16 men who played their hearts out and their you-know-whats off while we held down the home front.

Larry and Louise have distributed the results of the numerous tournaments and many winners, so I won’t list them again in this newsletter. The stories I’ve heard from everyone who went make it clear that you didn’t need to be victorious in a match to be a winner – just being a part of the trip was a win in itself. It sounded like so much fun that I couldn’t help being reminded of another famous trip down the rabbit hole.

“Everybody has won, and all must have prizes.”

Any resemblances between figures in the illustration and golfers you know and love is entirely coincidental.

Hole-In-One Reports

It’s been a long time between aces at the Flying L, but we’ve had 2 in the last few weeks. There’s a rumor that these things come in 3’s – let’s hope that’s true.

Anita Kopplhuber aced #12 in the Ladies’ Tuesday Game on September 29, and yours truly, Charlie Prokop, aced #2 in the September 25 skins game. I don’t know how much Anita’s ace cost her in refreshments, but let’s just say I’m glad I had a decent day in the skins game.

Updates and October Schedule

Larry Henson has turned the Wednesday Noon Game over to the pro shop, so please let them know when you are planning to play. Thank you, Larry, for your years of hard work running that game and all the other things you do and have done. And Louise, we know you’re the brains of the operation and the fingers on the keyboard. You guys share a first initial better than any two people we’ve ever seen.

The schedule for October is posted on the opening page of the website. Some events may be held at other area courses or otherwise changed. I’ll update the schedule if and when I hear about the changes, but watch your email for information as well. You may hear about the change as soon as, or even before, I do.

The Flying L is working on improving the condition of the greens that have suffered recently, and we all are hoping for favorable conditions.

And While We’re Down The Rabbit Hole….

I think we’ve all had this conversation with our putter:

“So which way does it break this time, smart guy?”


(Illustrations by John Tenniel, from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. In the Public Domain.)

2 Replies to “Golf Bandera Newsletter #12”

  1. Great post as always Charlie. You’re right – yall missed a lot of fun and great food in San Saba! This was the first time the ladies were invited to one of the MGA road trips, so we were on our best behavior. 😉🤣

    Larry and Louise make all the stuff they do for our golfing community look easy ‘cos they’ve done them so long and have gotten so good at it that we sometimes forget how much hard work goes into putting these things together.

    Hats off to Larry and Louise!!

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