Golf Bandera Newsletter #13

Welcome Arnie!

You’ll likely see some changes in the GolfBandera website over the next few weeks. I’m pleased (more than pleased, actually) to be turning the site over to Arnie Segura. Arnie will use the site as a part of administering our golf activities.

I’m sure all of you are as happy as I am that Arnie is handling things for us. It’s been a real pleasure to see him around the course and in his old place at the tournament scoreboards. I’ll remain on call as a pinch hitter and will be happy to help out whenever I’m needed.

So What Am I Doing?

For any of you that are interested, here’s a little summary of what I’ve been up to recently. I’ve been noodling around with another website of mine, I post things there a few times a week. I post random observations and photos about life here in the Hill Country and around Bandera.

I’ve also been writing a column every 2 weeks or so for The Bandera Prophet. For those of you not familiar with The Prophet, it’s a local online newspaper. Contributors include several people who were, or still are, active with our other local papers. The Bandera Prophet is free, keeps you up to date on local events, and includes several human interest columns like mine. My column is called The View From Dry Creek Hill.

Some of the posts on my DryCreekHill website talk about a long experience Loretta and I had dealing with a colony of feral cats on our property. A few of you know the story because you heard about it as we lived it, but for those that don’t know we had cats in the woods on our property when we moved in 18 years ago. We controlled the population through a trap, neuter, release program and after many years and becoming good friends with over 70 cats we’re down to 2 remaining from the colony. I never thought I’d be among the ranks of crazy cat people, but life throws curveballs and you might as well swing at them.

I wrote a just for fun, small, illustrated book (around 100 pages) about our experience with all those cats and I’ll be happy to get a PDF copy of it to anyone who is interested. Just leave a comment on a post at DryCreekHill or subscribe to the website. I’ll have your email that way and I’ll send you a link to download the entire book. Don’t worry – it’ll be free. But give me a day or so to respond. You can read the PDF on any computer or tablet and find out just how crazy I really am.

If you’re interested in the book but don’t want to bother with the website, give me your email when you see me next.

I’ll see everyone at the Winter Cup.

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  1. Many thanks for your countless contributions to the Flying L golfing community Charlie. I’ll miss your wit and unique way of telling a golf story here, but it’s good to know we can continue to enjoy your “noodling” elsewhere.
    As a bonafide crazy cat person myself, you can bet I’ll be reading about yours and Loretta’s ferel cat adventures at Dry Creek Hill.
    See you this weekend!

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