2021 Golf Calendar on Website

Just as an FYI to everyone, I put the current monthly schedule up on the website a few days ago and I’ll work to keep it up to date as the year passes. The annual calendar is also there (scroll down to the bottom of the opening page and you’ll see the links.) I’ll keep that as up to date as possible when I hear of changes like Arnie announced in his recent email.

This is a request to the ladies: I’d appreciate it if you would hit the “Ladies’ Golf” link at the bottom of the opening page and review what’s there. The current content is from several years ago and may not reflect what you’d like to say. Please let me know either in the comments to this post and/or when you see me around the club and I’ll make changes in the text, photos, or whatever.

2 Replies to “2021 Golf Calendar on Website”

  1. Hi Charlie,
    The info for the ladie’s is accurate and looks fine to me. The picture includes some ladies that are not members of our LGA, but I don’t think that’s a big deal.
    It does make me think we really need to get a good group picture though!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Penny. I had the same question about the photo and would be glad to put a new one up. I can stop by before one of the Tuesday games if you’d like and take a good high-resolution shot if that works for everyone. Next week won’t work because the course is closed, but I’d be glad to stop by another time, whether it’s a Tuesday or another day. Just let me know.

      And if anyone else has opinions or something to add or delete to the text, let me know that, too.

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