I Found The Perfect Golf Ball!

Like most of us, I’ve been in search of the perfect golf ball for as many years as I’ve been in search of the perfect golf swing. Neither search has been successful, but my search for the perfect ball took a big step forward a few days ago when I found this antique on my property.

As you can see from the 1967 ad, this is the perfect golf ball and it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. I can’t argue with the guarantee – it’s been many years, maybe as many as 56, and it’s hanging in there. A little scratched, but who among us isn’t a little scratched after 56 years of whacks up the side of the head?

I put the Dynaflyte to the drop test described in the ad. I didn’t have “other balls on the market today” from 1967 to test against, so I did my best with an old Titleist DT that I found on my property. That was the closest I could get to a ball of uncertain age that has spent time in the same weather as the Dynaflyte. Just for grins, I also tested it against a brand new Titleist AVX. All balls were dropped onto a concrete floor from my eye level, like the ad says. In my case, that’s 69 inches above the ground. Bounce height was measured by the ever-reliable “jab a finger on the tape measure” system.

And the results are: Drumroll, Please!!!

The Dynaflyte loses, but that’s not a bad performance for a ball qualified to play on the Champions Tour with an unknown number of years living off the land!

I was a senior in high school and I’d been playing golf for a few years when the Dynaflyte came out. I never got to play one. It was likely above my budget back then (I scrounged for balls and splurged every now and then by buying some from the used ball jar on the pro shop counter) but it looks like I might have missed something.

And remember the Winter Cup matches, next week, Feb. 22, at the Buckhorn! Bring your Dynaflytes if you have ’em!!

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