Hill Country Golf Association Tournaments

This schedule lists the Hill Country Golf Association events for 2021. As you all know, this has been a challenging year for maintaining a predictable schedule. Golf course renovations, freak snowstorms, and drought conditions jumped in when COVID restrictions lessened. Who knows what’s coming next, so keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change. Watch for email updates and play it as it lies.

Hill Country Golf Association Events For 2021

  • April 25: Couples Orange Blossom Special
  • May 1: MGA/LGA 2-Person Team, 1 Low Net
  • May 15: Par 3 Challenge
  • May 20: Third Thursday Scramble
  • June 12-13: Couples Championship
  • June 19: MGA/LGA 3-Person Team Low Net
  • September 11: MGA/LGA 2-Person Chapman System
  • October 2: MGA/LGA Fall Classic
  • October 9: Team Putting Championship
  • November 6: MGA/LGA 2-Person Shamble
  • November 20-21: Henson Cup
  • December 4: Winter Scramble
  • December 9: Christmas Party
  • December 11: MGA/LGA 2-Person Scramble

Photo courtesy of Lynn Ricker.