Men’s Golf Association Schedule

The schedule below lists the Men’s Golf Association matches for 2020. Regular events will be held on the first Wednesday of each month. Tee time is 11:00 AM. Games are at the Flying L Golf Course unless otherwise indicated. We expect to hold at least 4 matches at out of town courses in 2020.

Events in bold type are special events held in conjunction with players from the Ladies Golf Association, the Couples League, and/or players from other groups and organizations.

The regular noon game will be held on the remaining Wednesdays of each month. Tee time for the noon game is (you guessed it) 12:00 noon.

Men’s Golf Association Events For 2020

  • January 8 1-Man Scramble
  • February 12 Individual Low Net
  • March 4 2-Man Shamble (Out of Town)
  • March 13-14 Lady Luck
  • April 1 2-Man Low Ball
  • May 6 1-Man Scramble
  • June 3 Individual Low Net
  • June 6-7 Couples 2-day Tournament
  • July 1 2-Man Scramble (Out of Town)
  • July 18 Par 3
  • August 5 Mixed Format
  • September 2 2-Man Shamble (Out of Town)
  • September 18-20 Cowboy Classic
  • October 7-8 Firemen Fall Fest
  • October 24-25 Club Championship
  • November 4 2-Man Scramble (Out of Town)
  • December 2 Individual Low Net
  • December 5 Winter Cup

Photo courtesy of Lynn Ricker.