Weekly Flying L Golf Schedule

As you all know if you have played at the Flying L recently, the golf course is in great shape.  We have several games during the week for members and nonmembers.  We are changing days and times on some games in an effort to get the best rate possible for nonmembers and best turnout for the games.  I am listing below the dates, times and nonmember golf course fees for all the games. 

Monday through Wednesday: Flying L Golf Course Fee is $32.02 

Monday – Coach’s low net and gross skins game. Tee time 10:30, but flexible.

Tuesday – Ladies Golf Association. Tee time 9:00.

Wednesday – Men’s Golf Association on 1st Wednesday of each month, Noon Game on all other Wednesdays.

Friday: Flying L Golf Course Fee is $42.70

Friday – Larry’s Carry-Over Gross Skin Game.  Tee time 11 a.m.